Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tall Tuesday: There was a crooked man

What is this man doing?
a) the latest pilates moves
b) contemporary dance
c) having a Quaker epiphany
d) using an airplane toilet

Yes, the correct answer is (d). Being a 6'7" male makes using most airplane bathrooms a feat of contorsionism and balance, especially if turbulence is involved, so as to not create a mess of things. To add yet another element of difficulty is to prop a seat that will not stay up.

Sitting on one can be no joy either. For those with long legs that touch the door you have to decide whether to splay or hold the knees together and twisting to the side.

Darcy Villere (6'7") has a photo on his Facebook page that he took hunched over looking into an airplane bathroom mirror. I originally found it on his blog, The Tall Blog. He is dressed and it is safe for viewing.

About the art:
Below is the watercolor quick sketch thinking it would be more abstract and arty.

Next came this one made in ArtRage3 Studio Pro with its watercolor tool. A bit more exaggerated but too much shading to give it mass and still not very funny.

Finally I digitally inked over the watercolor in ArtRage3 to create a pure silhouette, which I think is a bit more comic.

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