Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pow Wow Dancers

On a whim ML and I attended a mini pow wow at the Southfield Civic Center. It was hosted by various Michigan Indian tribes. It was an interesting experience, and we received a sampling of native American culture and history. Unfortunately there were a lot of cheap trinkets and kitsch to weed through. I don't take the time to do too much sketching of the world around me, but it was fun to try and capture the essence of the dancers. I really had to focus on the movements of their bodies and not be distracted by the adornments. I added the color references later with colored pencil, and not paying attention, smeared the sketch of the girl dancer slightly. I'm sure the dances and outfits are more impressive with the right lighting and atmosphere. Halogen lighting in a civic center doesn't induce the most spiritual experience. The fry bread was delicious by the way!

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