Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dandelion Queen

While weeding this weekend the Illustration Friday topic, hierarchy, popped into my head. Kneeling over weeds for a couple hours I wondered who rules who? Every season I have to battle weeds in the yard. No matter how many I pull, carefully trying to get the whole root, they still come back - dandelions, violets, thistle, horsetails, what have you.

We constantly try to fight and control nature, bringing an old tune by Love and Rockets into my head:

You cannot go against nature.
Because when you do
Go against nature
It's part of nature too.

Our little lives get complicated.
It's a simple thing.
Simple as a flower,
And that's a complicated thing.

~ from "No New Tale to Tell"

Is pulling weeds in my lawn much different from the guy chopping down trees in the rain forest for his home or farm? We curse this man for deforesting. Should we not let our lawns go wild? Let the weeds grow! Let the maple seeds sprout and reclaim their forest land! Back to Walden!

(sigh)........Time to buy more lawn bags.


SLW said...

Let them grow. They're lovely, and so is your illustration.

I like the idea and execution of this scene. It's funny how the dandelion is blowing seeds into the wind. (Good luck next year.)

joseph's art and stuff said...

ah, the weeds, i did the same thing last weekend... they're back. thistle and dandelions. love your take and illustration!

uditi said...

Love your concept!

ArtSparker said...

Great illustration.

If I were a violet, I would take umbrage at being designated a weed...also, native plants can be a good alternative to lawns. What the Elizabethans started! Although lawns make more sense in the British Isles...a dubious export.