Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tall Tuesday: How's the Weather Up There?

I can't tell you how many time's I've heard this question in my lifetime. It's a question learned in elementary school and continues through adulthood. It may be a subconscious humorous icebreaker for the shorter person as if asking, "Aren't you a pretty boy?" to a snarling pitbull. I'm not offended by the question. It's just that it's so inane I don't even feel like responding to it most of the time.

However if you do get asked this question, here are a couple of possible replies. If you are male and feel attracted to the person asking you, you might say with a wink and a smile, "Well I have a flagpole about half way up if you'd like to climb up and take a look!" or for the tall woman, "I have an observation deck about three quarters up if you'd care to see for yourself!"

If you're in a particularly beligerant mood (and feel you could take the other person in a fair fight), you're retort might be, "Cloudy - WITH A CHANCE OF RAINING FISTS UPON YOUR HEAD!!!"

But most of the time just answer, "FANTASTIC!"

About the art:

The buildings and raining fist illustrations were drawn on linen cardstock using india ink and brush and a black litho crayon with a non-repro blue pencil underlay. They were then scanned and colored in Photoshop using the dissolve setting of the paintbrush and airbrush tools.

I created the top illustration using only ArtRage3 Studio Pro to see how closely I could replicate the others. I used multiple layers; the first for the rough pencil sketch. The drawing was done using a black, dry marker on a basic paper layer. The linen texture was created using a black chalk tool on a cross hatched texture layer. Separate layers were made for the blue and white colors on basic paper settings using a mix of the oil brush and marker. It was faster to make, but I still find working with real tools, where I can feel and hear the brush and pencil dragging across the course paper to be a much more sensual and satisfying experience. And I have something concrete when I finish.

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