Tuesday, April 6, 2010

ArtRage 3 Watercolor: Strutting Broccoli

I did this sketch at lunch using the marker and watercolor tools in ArtRage3 Studio Pro. It took some experimenting but I was able to pull off a somewhat natural watercolor look with it. It helps to have worked with real watercolor to have some idea of how colors can run together if you want to replicate watercolor's unique attributes. One trick is to squiggle the stylus and "skip" off the tablet with little randomness to make it appear that the color is "running" or make it look like a real brush was skipping across real paper. It's a little difficult to lay colors on top of others in the wet mode. I was constantly adjusting the amount of thinning to either add color on top of the existing or smudge it out. By lightly tapping the tip of the stylus I could create a light spatter effect. It's also difficult to create a sweeping wash with a brush over 100% in size as the computer really bogs down. It also helps to mix in some complementary colors for variety. I created this at 300 dpi and it printed out quite well.

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