Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tall Tuesday: Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke Are Eliminated

Tonight Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke were voted off of Dancing With The Stars. Although Cheryl is a fantastic dancer and choreographer and wore special 4" heels, I think the height difference between hurt them. If she had the legs to match his stride, especially with their foxtrot last night, I think he might of gone farther. Despite being called the Jolly Green Giant for the flashy green of the zoot suit, I liked the long jacket.

What Rick did prove is that a 6'7" man can look graceful on the dance floor. This makes up for a lack luster performance from Clyde Drexler from the 2007 season. See my earlier post about that.

Here are a few stories about Rick and Cheryl.

About the art:
I'm working on a larger format watercolor of the pair, but for now you'll have to settle for the preliminary sketches. Although Rick is a handsome man he has got over the top expression with his HUGE smiles and dancing eyebrows. Hopefully I can capture their likenesses and pizazz.


Anonymous said...

love your blogs and art. i come from a tall family and my brothers and i were dying reading some of your posts. they are so awesome and so TRUE.

i just received an invite on facebook to attend the event "Hug a tall person day" on Feb 11, 2011. This is the description of the event: "This is for all those tall people that feel left out and never get hugs because they're too tall! We need one day a year when we get hugs no matter what, I'm thinking at least 6 foot for guys and 5'10'' for girls?! (subject to change) send this to everyone and try to make it as big as it was last year, k thanks!"

not sure if you ever heard about this or not but wanted to give you a heads up before Feb 11th comes around and your personal 3ft bubble of space is being invaded by strangers wanting to give a tall person a hug. HA.

have a blessed day!

Ken said...

Vanessa, thanks for your comments and letting me know about "Hug a tall person day." I will do my part to bring awareness to it. I'm glad you're some enjoyment from my humble posts.