Thursday, April 25, 2013

Words to Mull & Cull - The Introduction

Dear friends,
"Words to Mull & Cull" is a new cartoon/webcomic/call-it-what-you-will series I'm starting.  My plan is to post at least one a week but hopefully more.  From what I have in my sketchbook so far the focus is on friendly advice, philosophy, facts and non-sense. 

I decided to limit the size to a single panel newspaper comic. I'm trying to use minimal preliminary drawings and going straight to brush and ink.  One reason is speed.  Another is to keep a sense of spontaneity and to try and get into a zen state.  For now I'm sticking to a limited color pallet reminiscent of vintage newspaper comics or Japanese woodblock prints.  I scanned a page from an old paperback to give a sense of age and provide some texture.

I hope you'll find something to mull on. Then, as cull implies, save what you want and discard the rest.

Warm regards,
Big Tall Ken

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