Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tall Tuesday: Martha Stewart Tall Show Review

My significant other records Martha Stewart daily and on Friday we watched "The Tall Show" where the entire audience and guests were over six foot tall. Arianne Cohen was one of the guests and talked about her book, "The Tall Book", along with a model/fashion designer and a chef who made a towering, 10'5" tall chocolate cake which the audience later enjoyed.

While talking with the designer, Martha admitted that her daughter slouched in here early teens because of her height. So Martha told her daughter Alexis she could buy whatever clothes she wanted as long as she would stand straight and tall. Within a year and spending $60,000, Alexis was cured of her slouch! Imagine that!

During Miss Cohen's segment, she talked about some of the issues tall people have to deal with which are all mentioned in her book. She was able to answer a few standard questions from the audience about airplane legroom and what to say when asked if you play basketball, to which Martha chimed in and said how people come up to her and say, "You look just like Martha Stewart!" Martha's reply? "Oh, how I hate her!"

One segment we did not enjoy watching was when four of the tallest audience members, three men and one woman, were given Martha's feather dusters to dust the upper reaches of her set that the staff "can't reach." It's one thing to do a good deed for someone at the grocery store, however this segment seemed in poor taste as we watched these people act as her giant feather dusters as she smiled and said, "You're all doing such a good job!" One man was clearly not enjoying himself! And what they received as a prize? ... a set of Martha Stewart's cleaning products! It seemed a bit like a circus act to me.

Though based on Arriane's write up on her blog, it was a very pleasant experience for everyone.

About the art:
I sampled the Martha Stewart color palette from her website. Martha's clothes are colored to match her logo to reinforce her as a product.

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