Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tall Tuesday: Tall Clothes

What is shown here actually exists at the Nordstrom department store near me and is not an exaggeration. If I'm lucky I hit their store at a time when the table is full with new items, which is about twice a year. The rest of the time I'll see the same hand full of shirts from six months ago. And they don't carry long rise pants for talls, just shirts and sweaters.
Fortunately I have a Rochester Big & Tall/XL Male near me. It's the only store I can actually try clothes on and shop like a normal person. But even at Big & Tall stores they lean toward the XXXL. Despite my website name, bigtallken.com, I am not an XXL.

This leaves me with the less exciting experience of shopping on line. I'll go to a store like Banana Republic, see something I like, hope they have it in a tall size on line and wait for it to arrive; only to find out the pants feel like I have a wedgie and have to return them.

At least for men fashions don't change much, and it's not impossible to find clothing. Arianne Cohen writes that finding clothes for women over six foot tall is darn near impossible. Despite there being stores for petites and plus sizes tall stores for women are rare.

When all else fails there is JC Penney's!

About the art:

The first illustration was drawn with a brush and ink over blue line with litho crayon shading and colored in Photoshop.

The second drawing is really just a rough I made in ArtRage.

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