Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tall Tuesday: Look to the Shins

Occasionally this question comes ups among friends when discussing clothes, "Where do you carry your height?" What I learned from "The Tall Book" is that taller people usually have longer shins. Long legs are a sign of good health. In poorer countries where nutrition is not as good people generally have shorter legs and longer torsos. Looking back on my business trips to Mexico I would say this is generally true. Here is a brief Korean study on height relative to leg length and arm span.

The book's author, Arianne Cohen, writes that her shins are quite a bit longer than average. She should feel proud as this study found that a high leg length to height ratio is found to be more attractive.

About the art:
I had made this sketch in 2002 where I must of been thinking of trying to do tall gag humor, which went nowhere. I'm better at making humorous art than writing humor.

I stuck with the same concept and redrew it on a cheap sketch pad and added watercolor. I won't do that again as the paper warped and the watercolor soaked in erratically. But it was good practice. I think it's missing a little texture.

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