Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tall Tuesday: I'll Bet You Play Basketball!

"I'll bet you play basketball!", you say? "Do you play basketball?", you ask? This is the number one question I receive from people. It's a very innocent question and makes sense when NBA point guards are 6'6". I did play basketball, but gave it up a couple years ago. There are other sports tall people play as well. Venus Williams is 6' tall. So don't be offended if you are asked, "Do you play miniature golf?" in return.

About the art:
I didn't have much time this week since I am actual working on a paying job. So I thought, "Oh, I'll just toss off a drawing like Robert Weber does for New Yorker cartoons." Wrong! Although the drawing did not take long, it lacks the looseness and spontaneity of his work. I used an old General's charcoal pencil, but I think was trying to force it to look like an inked line. How cocky was I to think I could master someone else's style in one take? See more of his work in the New Yorker Cartoon Bank.

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