Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tall Tuesday: Weather Revisited

I posted before about "How's the weather up there?" question to tall people. Well here is another illustration related to it - tall people replacing weather satellites. This was really an excuse to post for Illustration Friday as well. In another post I included this sketch where you can see my weather satellite complete with groundhog and trick knee. I simplified it here to go with the style of this illustration. We should be careful with satellites. We don't want angry ones falling from the sky.

About the art:
This is actually the third version of this. I started a more elaborate one that was too busy. Then went straight to inking without the aid of a pencil line a second, smaller version of my original sketch. I flubbed some parts. So I laid in a couple light pencil lines based on it to create this final version. I also scan the inking before applying the watercolor in case I bomb it. Then I can color the backup on the computer. The original is about 4"x4".

1 comment:

demonpack said...

the angle and look to this version is sweet...cloud swirl round his feet, cool touch.