Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tall Tuesday: Nutrition and Height

NPR gave me a freebie topic for this week. They had a Morning Edition story on Monday, Measuring A Country's Health By Its Height by Nancy Shute. It was essentially a rehash of what was written in "The Tall Book" about the U.S. losing it's status as having the tallest people in the world. The Dutch are now the leaders over the U.S. by about 2 inches on average. I posted about this earlier here.

The story leading into it dealt with trying to get kids to eat healthier, which in turn should improve their chances of reaching the maximum height potential rather than waistline potential.

About the art:
The Illustration Friday topic this week is racing. Below is the sketch done in pencil and colored in Photoshop. Above is the final done with a steel nib pen, ink and watercolor. My thought was that "real" food, fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. are in it for the long haul giving you benefits over a long period of time. Fast food, candy, cookies, pizza, pop, chips, and such give you short term energy with a big health price tag, but like a NASCAR they get all the marketing dollars from corporations. In the above drawing the car didn't quite make it.

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