Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tall Tuesday: Spooky Tricks for the Tall

Years ago I helped a good friend of mine with a haunted house held in the dressing rooms and halls of the old amphitheater in the Toledo Zoo. I was in the last room before the exit that had lots of old pipes and man-made fog. With my height, and dim lighting many people thought I was a prop. Adults and older kids were the most fun to scare. I took it easy with little ones. What are parents thinking taking 5 and 6 year olds to a haunted house?! I was hoarse with leg cramps by the end of the night but had a great time!

I suppose you don't have to be super tall for something like this and try to use a crate to stand on, but don't blame me if you fall!

For other tall costume ideas check out this post at The Tall Blog.

About the art:
Created in ArtRage. Here is a lunchtime sketch leading up to it.


artistaggie said...

Haha! Was that a 'barbaric yawp' you sounded, by any chance? :-) Nice work -- and great costume/scare tactic!

Ken said...

Artistaggie - good catch! Yes, I did intend for an old fashioned, Walt Whitman barbaric YAWP! I was watching Dead Poet's Society again where it popped up. The yawp also made an appearance in a Northern Exposure episode where they flung a piano through the air. Thanks for your comments.