Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chinchilla Mascot Project

This little guy was made for a client back in 2012 to represent a new on-line book publishing service, which unfortunately has not seen the light of day yet.  They do own the copyrights to him, so please don't borrow him for your own purposes.  They also requested a "mobile" version of him, hence the car.

The client had a very specific reference image made by Becky Dreistadt, which you can see here.  She turned down my client's request to purchase the rights to her image, so they turned to me.  I wanted to use as little of her artwork as possible to avoid copyright infringements, so I offered the client several alternatives.  The chinchilla is a very cute animal, but it's practically a caricature itself, being a large, obese mouse with a bushy tail. 

In this set I was trying to  give a sense of color printing with the multiple colored tails.

Despite my efforts the client really liked the original gray color scheme.  At least I got in a hipster, slouchy stocking cap and rimmed glasses.

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