Sunday, March 28, 2010

MODOK Madness

For some reason I felt inspired this year to contribute to March MODOK Madness. I do have a soft spot for this once obscure character. I discovered him back in "What If" #37. Although I bought several comics growing up I was not a serious collector and had no idea who this character was. Something about MODOK's giant head of matted hair painfully squeezed into that crazy chair outfit slightly disturbed me. What was more disturbing was Giant Man jumping on top of it and shaking him around. Poor MODOK seemed so fragile and pathetic after just freezing Captain America with his "invincible" mind beam. This issue gave just enough information to let you know he is a mad, genetically altered scientist on one hand bent on world domination but on the other hand feels the world needs his genius. I didn't get it, but I do remember being briefly obessed with drawing this guy and another bizarre villain, Arnim Zola. Here is a page from that issue.

The once obscure MODOK now has fame with his own fan pages here and here. I decided instead of a Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing (M.O.D.O.K.) that Knitting might be fun substitute for K. Sitting upon his Rocket Rocker all his yarn and needles are neatly stored in his armor, and he has his A.I.M. henchmen on hand to try out his wool products.

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