Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tall Tuesday: Gabrielle Reece

In "The Tall Book" I learned about tall fetishes for the first time. I live a sheltered life. Anyway I caught a "Seinfeld" rerun at about the same time where George (5'4.5") wanted to have sex with a tall woman. I must have been reading some quotes from Gabrielle Reece in the book and thought of her with George. She's 6'3", a former pro beach volleyball player and model. I thought of her treating George as only she could since he was always getting stuck in awkward situations with women in the show.

Jason Alexander is a fun guy to caricature and almost hard to draw wrong. Gabrielle Reece was more difficult. I had to completely redrew her face in Photoshop. YouTube volleyball video was referenced to try and draw the pose in a way that looked right. The artwork was inked with a brush. Then I spattered ink on a separate sheet of paper and layered it in with Photoshop.

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