Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tall Tuesday: The Kucinich's Revisited

I feel a bit like a prophet. In November 2008 I made this T-shirt design as a Christmas gift, which I posted about earlier.

Dennis Kucinich has received quite a bit of press this last week for his change of heart in choosing to support the Obama health care reform plan, which has now passed! When I made this shirt I was thinking of organic vegan foods and health not health care policy. Funny how the meaning of art can change with time.

If you would like to purchase this T-shirt, you can do so at my new Zazzle store and can even order it on an organic T-shirt! The one shown here also provides the wearer the ability to separate their head and arms from their body! Amaze your friends!

"Wait!" you say? What does this have to do with Tall Tuesday? Well as you can see from this picture of the Kucinich's Elizabeth is quite a bit taller than Dennis. Her MySpace page lists her as 5'10", which, granted, is the bottom end of tall for women. Other sites list Dennis as 5'7". Assuming she is wearing 3" heels in this photo she is at least 6" taller than Dennis. This is a striking difference in height to say the least, and, after all, tall is relative.

From what I've read in The Tall Book it is not easy for women to "date down", i.e. date someone shorter than themselves. Ladies read Elizabeth's lovely story of how they found each other. It can happen.

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