Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tall Tuesday: Standing Tall

I was going to post an image of President Obama standing tall in the face of opposition on the health care reform bill, but as I thought about it most every president has had to stand tall on some issue. Not every one is successful, though; hence this image.

In our travels ML and I have seen some impressively tall trees in the Hoh Rain Forest of Washington state and in the California's Mariposa Grove. When these trees topple they become a nurse tree where saplings can take root and grow.

If someone gets chopped down on an cause they stand for, that doesn't necessarily mean the cause is dead. Others may come along to build off the work that was done and carry it further. U.S. health care reform has been an issue since the early 19oo's. It's taken almost 100 years for something to be done about it as imperfect as it may be.

Carrying this analogy one step further - not all causes should be carried on, extremism, hate, fear mongering, etc. for you may just reap what you sow.

About the art:
This was penciled in non-photo blue, inked with a #3 brush on linen stock, scanned into GIMP and colored in ArtRage3 Studio Pro.

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