Saturday, December 19, 2009

Continuous Improvement Christmas Card 2009

The services of Krampus Kwality Group, LLC were retained by Clause, Inc. to implement a continuous improvement program using Kaizen techniques for a more efficient, safe and litigation free Christmas. The internal quality auditor elves found the following four opportunities for improvement in Santa’s Christmas Run. See if you can determine what they are:

1) One gift was found clearly on tipped on its side in a poor location, neither in a stocking nor under the tree leaving the recipient to potentially trip.
2) The chimney tube was bent upon exiting, leaving a gap in the joints and a potential source of toxic gases to fill the customer’s home.
3) Upon exiting the dryer vent to the roof a candy cane was dropped, resulting in waste.
4) Upon making an exit through a heating duct a screw was left on the floor as a potential choking hazard to the cat and degradation of the Santa mystique.