Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Big Lake Brewing T-shirt Illustration

This was an illustration for a T-shirt promoting the Big Lake Brewing company in Holland, Michigan.  Again this was inked in ArtRage where I made extensive use of the circle template.

I also used some photo reference here.  Yes, that is a real floppy disc. 

Here are a few rough sketches.  The request was to have Michigan's lower peninsula in the beer foam.  It took a few tries before I found something the client and I liked.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Latino kids activity to learn about healthy foods

This was a fairly recent illustration done for a Latino community center as part of a placemat activity for kids to learn about the healthy food plate concepts from choosemyplate.gov. I was given about 40 items to place in there and was given freedom to fill the rest.  
The illustration was sketched up and inked in ArtRage.  Then it was exported at 150dpi as a TIF and brought into Inkscape where I converted it to vector art.  I closed as many shapes as possible so I could auto-fill shapes with color in Adobe Illustrator CS6, using the live paint bucket tool.  Once I filled in all the shapes I used Object>Live Paint>Expand to make the colored areas editable.  This saved a tremendous amount of time as I usually draw colored shapes behind the line art.  I learned to cheat perspective a bit so the food would be more clear to the kids.  Never stop learning!