Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tall Tuesday: Giant Prehistoric Penguins

This article jumped out at me in the Yahoo! news headlines about giant prehistoric penguins. They were 5 feet tall, standing taller than the emperor penguins of today. It also goes into scientific detail about how they determined they had reddish-brown coloring rather than the classic black and white penguins of today. Here is my less scientific reason.

About the art:
It was created in ArtRage Studio Pro. I'm in the middle of another job and didn't put much time into it as I would have liked.

Back when I was trying to syndicate my "Arctic Circle" comic strip in 1999 and again in 2001 I had a penguin, who had strayed from the south pole, in it. Not to be confused with the Arctic Circle comic strip by Alex Hallatt, which was syndicated in 2005 and also has stray penguins in the Arctic. I tried submitting again in 2003, dropping the penguin to no avail. I enjoyed drawing the strips but struggled to come up with something remotely humorous to fill them.

Interesting side note, Hallatt's strip was originally named "Polar Circle" until someone at King Features thought of calling it "Arctic Circle". Coincidence?

Here is a strip from the 2001 submission.

For Illustration Friday posting of "beneath" - this gives a good sampling of sea life beneath the (rapidly melting) arctic ice.


Chibi Janine said...

I heard about this giant penguin also like your take on the topic. I like your little stripe that you have posted also

JA said...

I like the expressions! :)

froggie is... said...

brilliant. i spat my latte right out on the screen. i lovvvvvve the extra "GOOD DAY SIR!"

hee heee!!!!

Ken said...

A belated thanks to everyone's posts. Froggie I apologize for your messy screen. The "Good day, sir!" came to me from an episode of That 70's Show where Fez said something to that effect.