Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Contagious Yawn Phenomenon

Yawning. It happens. It's contagious. Why? I don't know, but here are some links to various theories.

Yawning: It Isn't About Oxygen Anymore
Yawn Theory: The Effects of Contagious Yawns on Males and Females (I like the note about Mom helping with the paste ups.)

I remember a funny joke where supposedly a student wrote a science paper explaining how contagious yawning was a way to equalize the air pressure in a room. Unfortunately I can't find it.

About the art:
It was all made in an old version of Adobe Illustrator. I don't prefer to create art directly in Illustrator. It feels a little too mechanical and technical, but the copy and paste and alignment features were exactly what I needed for this concept.


delhidreams said...

u know what, i saw the pic, read the headline and presto, a yawn appeared :D

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Eva said...

I love it ! Yaaaaawn! The expressions are great!

Mr. Spoqui said...
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Linda Hensley said...

Cute :)

Pásztohy Lili said...

it's true full moon can yawn just try to put yourself in its shoes i mean you know imagine those not so interesting night shifts a moon has to get through bye and i like this one bye

Ken said...

Adee, in this case I am glad someone yawned at my work.

Pásztohy, interesting observation.

Thanks for the comments!