Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mail Theme for Illustration Friday

I'm not above recycling my images for Illustration Friday. I posted this one last October under "Fast". Below are the other images referenced in that post. That post's website link to the wallpaper is broken now, but feel free to use these three as wallpaper.


gatheringwonder said...

these are excellent - great work

Deanna said...

Hi Ken,
My team and I are running a race from Miami to Key West called the Ragnar Relay. Our team name is Blow a Conch and when doing a search for cartoon conchs, I came across yours with the little boy blowing a conch. We were wondering if we could use your illustration on a t-shirt for our 12 members.

Kind regards,

Ken said...

Hi Deanna,
I'm glad you like the drawing. Please email me at ken [at]bigtallken [dot]com to discuss using it for your T-shirts if it's not too late.