Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tall Tuesday: Ambush

It didn't go down quite as shown, but I was caught a little off guard. While waiting in the checkout line at the produce store a petite woman behind me bluntly asked me how tall I was, which woke me from my checkout stupor. "When did you stop growing? My son is blah, blah, blah, and I need to know what to expect." I did not expect this as a follow up question. Although she asked it in a tone of slight dread, I could sense inside her head she's thinking, "Yes! My son is TALL!!!" After I answered her I received an intense education on the tall members of her family, her grandfather's WWII thigh splice in France and her son's courting by coaches of various sports. How often does this type of thing happen to you?

About the art:
I should have made my shirt yellow or gold to break up all the green.


Unknown said...

I think the amount of green goes well. Being that you were in Nino Salvaggio (their aprons are green), it lends itself to the idea of the jolly green giant idea (produce + yourself), plus it is a more relaxed color offsetting the customers firestorm of information (and hair!).

Ken said...

The Jolly Green Giant? I've never heard of him. :)